“Alyce Hart has the voice of an angel. An angel that could kick your ass in bar dice, make you dance with no shame, and then lull you to sleep with the promise of sweet dreams.”

- Ted Perry, Fox 6 News
“Alyce Hart's music has a soul and sensibility that was last heard in the 70's when music was good. She delivers it with skill, power, and finesse. Listen to it!”

- Joe Hite, K-Nation Entertainment
“The super sultry voice of Miss Hart is equally electrifying as it is entertaining. Original music not molded into one genre, and cover songs that cross all lines and are made her own.”

- Timm Dunn, Live Music Coordinator at Cue Club of Wisconsin
“Alyce Hart is a soul singer with a voice that can move mountains.”

- Terrell Morgan, Creative Director at Maldonado and Morgan
Walk In My Shoes has a lot of soul, it's a great cross-genre album. Blues fans, pop fans, and country fans are going to love this album!”

- Tony Schueller, Anton Music Productions

Kiss Me While I'm Sleeping

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